Herd Information

Ever since Dave Dickie brought the first Angus bull to Wyoming in 1903, we have been raising high quality beef cattle that are born and raised on the open range. We typically run between 1,400 and 1,500 head of black Angus-cross mother cows. The ranch has developed an aggressive breeding program that focuses on producing high marbling cattle with excellent growth and feed efficiency traits, while maintaining the maternal traits necessary to thrive on the range.

In addition to incredible feed performance, we also select for cattle that perform well in the harsh environment of NW Wyoming. As a result of these dual efforts, we have developed a cow herd that can thrive in a range of rugged environments, while producing high quality beef.


The LU Ranch has been focused on feed performance and producing high quality beef ever since we began selling on the grid with Decatur County Feedyard in 1994. We have been at the forefront of applying new techniques and technology to improve our herds genetics ever since.

In 1995 we began crossbreeding and have been buying bulls from Leachman Cattle Company since 2003. The ranch began DNA testing our replacement heifers in 2003, to ensure that we are retaining the best genetic characteristics in our herd.

After nearly 30 years of experience and focus on improving the quality of our beef, we have achieved some incredible results. Our Angus-cross steers have been grading approximately 90% Choice, with 50% qualifying as Certified Angus Beef and 10% grading Prime.


We sell bred heifers to producers who want replacement animals that will thrive on open range and produce high grade beef calves.

Bred Heifers

Our heifers are bred to proven Leachman Stabilizer bulls with excellent calving ease and performance traits. They calve over a 45 day period from Mid-February through March.


If you are interested in purchasing bred heifers from us, you can contact us directly to learn more, or bid on them at Leachman Cattle Companies High Altitude Loma sale in early December.

Heifer Calves

The ranch sells 250-300 heifer calves every winter. Our heifer calves are born out in the open range between March and May, they are weaned at the end of August, then sent to a local backgrounding facility in Worland, WY (48 miles away) where they stay through the winter.


All heifer calves sold have received the following vaccinations and treatments:

  • Branding – Bovishield Gold 5
  • Ultrabac 7 with Somubac
  • Dectomax Injectable Wormer Pre Conditioning – Enforce 3, Somubac
  • One Shot BVD Post Weaning – Bovishield Gold 5
  • Ultrabac 7 with Somubac

If you are interested in purchasing heifer calves, please contact us for more information and upcoming sale dates.

Grass fed meats & other products

We sell local, Wyoming, grass fed, open range beef. We follow the proper withdrawal periods for all shots and pour on administrations, and we don’t use any growth hormones. Visit for purchase.

Grass fed beef

The ranch can only offer a whole beef option, but you can now shop at LU Beef for a full range of Beef Jerky, Ground Beef, and Steaks along with more options. We schedule the process date and provide delivery to the processing site; either Basin Processing out of Basin, WY or Wyoming Legacy Meats out of Cody, WY. Then, when your beef is ready, you can just pick it up.

We typically schedule processing between August and December. Availability is limited, so if you are interested, please contact us to see what we have.